Today, yoga is the way of keeping fit and healthy most widely practiced all over the world. Many companies have realized this and they have implemented new HR policies to improve the health and the efficiency of their staff.
What we do


Meant for the workplace, the programme of IOGA A LA FEINA has been designed to help companies to attain equilibrium by combining the philosophy of yoga with their corporative strategy and business ethics.


Since 2009, we have been gaining experience in yoga and work and we have developed a programme especially focused on relieving stress, on easing tensions and on relaxing at the workplace.
About us

ioga a la feina

IOGA A LA FEINA [Yoga at work] is a time break in your everyday routines to make you feel revitalised and with your mind clear and peaceful to carry on with your work.
We adapt ourselves to you, to your timetable and to your space.