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Elisabet Surís Granell
Training in Graphic Design and in the Humanities
Training in Kundalini Yoga


Professor of Kundalini Yoga for the European Yoga Alliance, for the International Standards of the International Yoga Federation and for PREM (International Kundalini Yoga Association)


Mindfulness and stress reduction, Gestalt Institute, Barcelona

She has worked for 30 years as a graphic designer in the field of publishing and in cultural management. In the last 16 years, till April 2012, she developed her professional activity at a cultural institution in Barcelona. She has always worked under pressure and so in 1996 she became interested in yoga and in learning to relieve stress.

In 2005 she starts her training as professor of Kundalini Yoga and in 2008, alongside her professional activity, she begins to teach at several art centres in Barcelona, and she acquires and develops a technique specialized in stress. From 2009, she has attended seminars and workshops related to yoga and she has kept going deeper into the technique of Office Yoga, a method specially focused on relieving stress, on easing tensions and on relaxing at the workplace.

ioga a la feina

IOGA A LA FEINA [Yoga at work] is a time break in your everyday routines to make you feel revitalised and with your mind clear and peaceful to carry on with your work.
We adapt ourselves to you, to your timetable and to your space.