What IOGA A LA FEINA offers is specifically aimed at the professional workplace sector. The programme has been designed to help companies to achieve equilibrium while combining the philosophy of IOGA A LA FEINA with their corporative strategy and business ethics.

It is by no means the intention of IOGA A LA FEINA to indoctrinate in spiritual issues or in Eastern philosophies. IOGA A LA FEINA focuses on the benefits it can contribute to participants and to the company.

Sessions take place in situ, with no need of changing clothes (except for Classic Class sessions), and they are adapted to the schedules most suitable to participants and centre. The activities are accommodated to the spaces available and different kinds of sessions are offered:


  • Business: 45 minutes weekly sessions for companies that do not have the appropriate space. Sessions are carried out in the chair at the desk, without changing clothes.
  • Classic class: 60 minute long weekly sessions for companies or institutions that do have the appropriate space where the yoga meeting can take place using mats and changing clothes. Somehow, the school of yoga is transferred to the company.


  • Yoga and workplace health: workshops for 8 sessions 45 minutes to incorporate some Office Yoga techniques at work. Improves health and efficiency at work. Breathing exercises to relax and take tension, postural awareness and small meditations to concentrate.
  • Yoga express: 120 minute workshops to integrate some of the techniques of IOGA A LA FEINA into our working life. The workshops include breathing techniques, exercises to ease tensions and relax, postural exercises, and short meditation periods to help concentrate.
  • Introduction to the Camino de Santiago: 9 hours workshop, two sessions indoor and one outdoor. Everything you need to know about The Way: practical information, how to be mentally and physically prepared, walking techniques, which trail to choose, how to mount the pack, how to prevent injuries, how to revitalize ourselves, etc.
  • Breathing techniques. How to breathe correctly? Three sessions of 45 minutes, 2 sessions of 60 minutes, or one single session of 120 minutes. Focused on re-learn to breathe properly for a healthier life, both physical and mental sense. This program is specially designed to improve the functional capacity of the respiratory system and provide the oxygen necessary for our body to function fully. Re-learn to breathe naturally peaceful and harmonious, with conscience, to give your body the maximum performance and improve our quality of life.

Special sessions

  • Yoga break: focused on fairs, conferences, seminars, conventions, or occasions involving long working periods, this kind of sessions follows the same pattern carried out in Business sessions. If we do coffee breaks, why not also yoga breaks? These 10, 15 or 20 minutes sessions can be carried out with a large number of participants, to relieve stress and ease tensions after long working periods. Practicing simple exercises in the same auditorium chair without having to move the participants. It is very appropriate to give presentations margin between the organizers, technicians and attendants (change water bottles, adjusting technical issues, screens…), entertaining the audience without moving place. It is an added value for the public but also for the organization.
  • À la carte yoga: sessions tailored for special occasions. The customer asks for specific services, or else, existing services are adapted or new ones created to suit particular events.

To determine the price of sessions, quotations are given, taking into account the following:

  • Whether the contract is for single sessions (as in Yoga break, in the workshops in Yoga express or in À la carte yoga) or continual (such as in Business or in Classic class)
  • Number of weekly sessions
  • Number of participants
  • Travel costs
  • Whether sessions take place inside Barcelona’s metropolitan area
  • Payment terms and conditions

There are three payment modalities:

  • Payment integrally taken on by the company
  • Payment shared between company and employee
  • Each participating employee takes on the payment of the sessions

In the event of ordering a continual service, the cost of the first session will be discounted and, therefore, this will be free.

Our philosophy envisages that nobody is left out of practicing yoga for economic reasons. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your case. We will attempt to reach an agreement.

ioga a la feina

IOGA A LA FEINA [Yoga at work] is a time break in your everyday routines to make you feel revitalised and with your mind clear and peaceful to carry on with your work.
We adapt ourselves to you, to your timetable and to your space.