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Today, yoga is the way of keeping fit and healthy most widely practiced all over the world. Many companies have realized this and they have implemented new HR policies to keep and improve the productivity of their staff through Yoga.


IOGA A LA FEINA offers yoga lessons and/or workshops at the very office premises or workplace. It develops a technique based on Office Yoga (a technique highly widespread in the USA), on Mindfulness, and on Kundalini Yoga, which gives tools to face and get rid of stress, tensions, and aches and pains that come after hours sitting at the computer. IOGA A LA FEINA helps to relieve stress, to relax, to ease accumulated tensions and, in general, to find wellbeing and a better quality of working life.

Sessions take place in situ, and they are adapted to the schedules most suitable to participants and centre. The activities are accommodated to the spaces available in the premises of the company that contracts the service, and different kinds of sessions are offered, after which participants will feel revitalised and with a mind clear and open to carry on with their work.

Our hectic lifestyles today involve a lot of stress. This can bring about an overloading of tension that affects our bodies and causes diseases and pathological irregularities which prevent the normal developing and functioning of the human body, such as memory problems, mood disorders, nervousness or poor concentration. Stress is a growing pathology in the workplace. Currently, one of the major concerns of HR departments is absenteeism due to this. Conducting sessions focused on fighting stress, inside the company and in-group, brings great benefits for the health of the staff.


Practicing IOGA A LA FEINA carries with it a whole series of benefits both for the participant and for the company:

  • Personal wellbeing

    Reducing stress results in greater health and decreases absenteeism and burnout.

  • Quality of work

    Practicing yoga increases attentiveness and cognitive flexibility and it helps in drastically decreasing errors.

  • Quality of relationships

    Practicing yoga in-group generates empathy and reduces aggressiveness. It results in equilibrium while improving the morale of the staff and their team spirit.


  • To improve energy and outlook
  • To build a positive attitude
  • To increase productivity and improve output
  • To reduce stress and improve satisfaction
  • To excel in our competitive world
  • To exceed goals and deadlines
  • To achieve peace of mind


  • All exercises are done sitting on a chair or standing*
  • Exercises are simple, easy, fun and they can’t cause injuries
  • No prior experience in the practice of yoga is needed
  • No specific clothing is needed for these sessions*
  • No specific room is required*
  • Exercises can be conducted in a conference room, in an auditorium, in the cafeteria, in a meeting room, in a training classroom, in a cubicle, or even sitting at one’s own desk
  • Exercises can be done at any time of the day
  • *Except for Classic Class sessions

ioga a la feina

IOGA A LA FEINA [Yoga at work] is a time break in your everyday routines to make you feel revitalised and with your mind clear and peaceful to carry on with your work.
We adapt ourselves to you, to your timetable and to your space.