I’m a YOGI TEA consumer (almost compulsive). These are very healthy ayurvedic preparations that can be found in almost all health food stores. There are a variety of products for different occasions: Good Night, Respiration, Woman, L’homme, Relax, Digestion, Felicitá, Protection, Joie de vivre …
(see http://www.yogitea.eu/es)

The product comes in individual tea bags and they are always accompanied by a small label with very inspirational yogic quotes. YOGI TEA consumers love to read its content and usually collect them like little treasures.

Here is one of them:
Life is full of power – live it

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ioga a la feina

IOGA A LA FEINA [Yoga at work] is a time break in your everyday routines to make you feel revitalised and with your mind clear and peaceful to carry on with your work.
We adapt ourselves to you, to your timetable and to your space.